Who Are We ?

Inkgenda's talent, customer service and quality was born at Acme Skateboards in the early 1990's. Acme was a skateboard manufacturing company that desired to make it's own decals/stickers so they bought semi automated press and started printing stickers for what was once only thier own brands. That was a great place to start as it made the focus on quality and efficiency. We still believe every job should be looked at based on what is the best and most ecomomical for the customer and that way of thinking is built deeply into us. We try to show you how to do things efficiently and ecomomically while always looking at it from the Brands perspective.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to find the right balance of our customers needs with their economical reality. A sticker can be everything from one of the lowest cost forms of advertising known to man kind, to a premium long lasting statement of image and quality. We will find the best match for your image and your budget.

Our Customer Commitment

When your product arrives, we want you to have a big smile on your face when you see it! We want you to feel respected, listened to and feel that communication with us was responsive, and efficient. We want to to want to work with us Again and Again.

Our New Customers Almost Always Come from Our Existing Customers because we Keep our Customers Happy.